Google’s ebook deal in France changes game for Amazon

Google had some legal issues in France with its e book department. The company made soft copies of some books without permission from the books’ authors and publishers. This led to some legal lawsuits against Google. This in turn slowed down the launch of the Google e books service in the whole European continent. The French government has not been too happy about the whole idea of electronic books. But now, after Google’s lawsuit and all, the government seems to start building up a soft corner in its heart.

Google has now announced a major deal with French authors and publishers which will make e book lovers happy and authors and publishers rich, probably. The deal says that Google now has the permission to make digital copies of books written by French authors and published by French publishers. But there are some conditions.

Google does not have the permission to digitize all the books written by an author, but only the books selected by the author himself. This means that authors will be able to sell digital copies of only the books which they want to sell a digital copy. Also, Google has to create a list that would tell authors about the copyrights of the books.

There were many obstacles in the French government against e book, but all these have now been taken off, thanks to Google. Also, this means something for Amazon. Another major e book service provider, Amazon, has just started penetrating into the European market. There are rumors that the company might even launch the Kindle Fire tablet in Europe. But there is another condition in Google’s agreement with authors and publishers which says that authors and publishers who have tied up with Google are not allowed to sell their books on Google’s direct competitors, which is Amazon and others.

For a company which is fresh in the market, this can be a very hard blow. What do you think? Which is better? Google ebooks or Amazon Kindle?