Google Refreshed Android Developers Webpage Design

Google refreshed the design of the Android Developers Page days before the start of the Google I/O Event. The new design on the Android Developers Page is reminiscent of Android OS itself, with its use of colorful gradients and simple shapes. It also features the Roboto font, a sans serif typeface which had been created for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s Holo theme.

In addition to the design, Google has added a new function for app developers to reply to those who gave feedback on their apps available on Google Play. Not all developers, however, can enjoy this service. It is currently reserved to what Google has identified as Top Developers. Meanwhile, users who wish to expect a reply from the developers regarding their comments and suggestions must leave an e-mail address where they can be contacted.

Google also licensed the website’s content under a Creative Commons license CC BY 2.5, excluding the Apache 2.0 Android Open Source Project.

This website fundamentally allows designers to create apps, develop them, and distribute them to an audience. In the website, Google moreover specifies what it believes to be the ideal Android app: a speedy, powerful, app that has practical uses to consumers. To help developers, Google does its part by providing themes in a design guide.

The content that is available at the website at present is quite scarce, since Google has not made the announcements that it will make public beginning on June 27 during the I/O event. That said, the general details are there, including information about Android, acquiring the SDK, as well as the Android Open Source Project.

There is no mention whatsoever of the rumored upcoming Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, or of the pocket-friendly Google Nexus tablet, both of which are expected to be the main topics of Google’s speeches during the developer conference. The Mountain View company, however, allots a space in the developers page to invite users to see the live streams of the conference.

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