Google Plus streaming coming to Flipboard

Google has its own social network for more than a year now, if you did not know. And the search giant also has mobile apps for the social network on almost all the major platforms. Since there are official apps, and since the service is still young, the company thinks that there is no need for third party apps. So it has not released any API for third party developers.

Well, that is not true. That was the notion till now, but a Google spokesperson has cleared that out. The thing is, Google thinks that the service and the mobile apps are not yet ready for giving out the API. Google VP of Product Management Bradley Horowitz, said at the Le Web 2012 conference in London that Google doesn’t yet have good “noise” filtering controls when it comes to Google+, and the company wants to make sure it has built something that won’t cause developers to go back and rework their own creations to preserve the user experience

But somehow, Flipboard, the popular digital magazine, got the Google Plus API from the company and has become the first app or third party service to include Google Plus API in its code. So yes, you will be able to get Google Plus posts, photos, videos, and other data from the service in Flipbaord’s app without having to navigate to the site itself.

Flipboard already had Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and other services integrated into the app, and Google Plus was the only one remaining. Now, the package is complete. If you are an app developer and are wondering when you will get the Google Plus APIs, well, we do not know. Because Google is yet to optimize the service and then the search giant will release the APIs. Till then, it is just waiting. And also, there is no news about when Flipboard will start offering Google Plus on its app.

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