Google Planning To Unify All It’s Communication Services

Google is planning unify all three of its real time messaging services, Google+ Hangout, Google Talk and Google Messenger in the near future. This was revealed during a question and answer session with the Google+ Hangout team, at the on-going Google I/O developer conference.

When asked, why Google continues to provide the services, Google + Hangout, Google+ Messenger and Google Talk, all of which basically provide the same kind of service, this is what Google Product Manager Nikhyl Singhal had to say about the matter. ““We have done an incredibly poor job servicing our users here.” He added that, presently, the company does not have anything solid to announce but they are indeed working on unifying all three products into a single universal service.

Speaking about the usage of Google+ Hangouts in the company’s internal functioning, Nikhyl Singhal said, “We do over 10,000 hangouts every day at Google.” All of the meetings are held through video conferencing and Google+ Hangouts are used to do every one of them. Google+ Hangouts is now the company’s default video conferencing solution.

Google+, the social networking site by Google, which first made its appearance exactly one year earlier on June 28, 2011. Since then it has garnered 250 million plus registered users and continues to grow. Hangout, which started out as a part of Google+, has since then developed into a popular free video chatting and video conferencing service used by both casual users and professionals users worldwide.

By starting a unified service by clubbing all the existing services, Google can stem the confusion and also gain to make a universal cross platform app that could perhaps even counter the current leader in video communication service, Skype, owned by Microsoft. It could perhaps even offer Apple customers an alternative to Apple’s FaceTime app. However and whatever this may be, we would be really happy to try it out, don’t you think so?

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