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Google May Unveil its First Tablet By End of June: Business Insider

It has been months since the first rumors of Google’s first tablet and each day, it seems the rumors get more and more realistic.  The newest rumor is that Google may unveil its first tablet by the end of this month – most likely during the Google I/O.  Google announced in December last year that they were working on the Nexus Tablet and that they would release it within six months,  It’s self- imposed 6 month deadline is just weeks away and rumors and peculations about the new entrant in the tablet market is driving every into absolute frenetic frenzy.

According the Business Insider, a site which does not usually baseless rumors, Google will unveil the Nexus at the end of this month.  It appears that Google has had trouble finding the best hardware company to partner with.  However, it seems Google settled on Asus and the Nexus is expected to look much like the Asus Memo 370T 7 inch tablet first seen during the CES 2012.


After reading the article on Business Insider, three major questions arise.  First, the website did not confirm the source of the rumor – not even mention it – and this leaves us, the crazy fanatics, even more puzzled.  Secondly, it is not clear whether the new nexus will actually be Asus’ Memo 370T or it will be completely different.  We know Google to be the master of surprises but will it surprise us with anything new that no other tablet has?  Will the gadget focus on outdoing the Kindle and the iPad or will it be presented as an affordable high performance tablet with high end hardware under the hood?

One thing I would kill to know is the release date of the tablet and what its core features will be.  Google will hold it’s I/O developers conference on the 27th of June, this is widely seen as the date which the Nexus tablet will be unveiled.  Earlier, a report from Digitimes hinted that the Nexus Tablet may be shipped before the end of the second quarter of 2012 meaning that Google may use the I/O event to unveil the Nexus as well as release it!  How I would love that to happen!

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that Google will not disappoint us and come up with a pleasant surprise in the form of a revolutionary gadget its fans are waiting for.  What would you like to see in the Nexus?  Leave your comment below and let’s discuss.

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