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Google I/O: Google Play Announcements

Google I/O saw some major announcements being made about Google Play. Google Play now gets more claw and more muscle to fight the rivals, Apple App Store and the Amazon Stores.
Chris Yerga, an Android engineer made these announcements about Google Play.

Apart from being a market for smartphone and tablet apps, books, movies and music, the App store will also, now, sell movies, instead of just renting them. Apart from movies even your favorite television shows can now be bought over the Play store. “You’ll be able to purchase episodes or entire seasons.” Chris Yerga said.
Google has partnered with major producers, namely, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Disney, Bravo, Paramount, Virgil Films, and Sundance to be able to bring these services to consumers.

Google has also partnered with publishers such as Conde Nast and Hearst. For us it means we will now be able to buy magazines from the Play Store, both individually and through subscriptions.

The other major feature changes that Google Play has been improved with are the app encryption feature and the introduction of Smart Apps. Smart app makes it possible for updating apps by downloading only parts of the app that has been updated, thus reducing data usage and improving battery life.
“On average, with the most popular apps we looked at, a smart APK (Android installation file) update is about one third the size of a new update,” Yerga said, “It’s a win for carriers, developers, and users. We handle it automatically. It’s supported for Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and above.”

Google Play store has matured tremendously from the days when it was called just the Android Market. Google Play customers, since its inception have installed 20 billion apps and the Play is now available for the consumers in all across the world, with paid apps being available in 132 countries, and free apps in 190 countries.

With these new major updates to Google Play, Google is in a much better position to offer a stiff competition to Apple App Store and Amazon App Stores. What do you think about the updates?

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