Google Glass Explorer Edition, Now Available For Developers In U.S. For $1500

Google Glasses made their first appearance a few months back, but it was no more than a preview of the technology and a brief glance of what was to come. Since then the hi-tech Google Glass has come quite some way. Though it is still far from what can be called a consumer ready product, it now seems ready enough to be used by developers at least.

Google showed off its Google Glass ‘Explorer Edition’ in yesterday’s Google I/O. While Sergey Brin was on the stage wearing his Google Glass, he was connected to a team of skydivers, who themselves were wearing similar pieces and were streaming live video over Google Hangout via their Google Glasses.

The entire publicity stunt apart, Sergey Brin confessed that the Glasses were far from ready. “You’ve seen demos that were slick and robust. This will be nothing like that….This could go wrong in about 500 different ways.”
He went to explain the technical difficulties the team faced during the making of the video since conventional communication methods do not work well when a person is falling to the ground at 120 miles an hour and also added that “3G doesn’t work. It cuts out over 1,000 feet,”. To overcome the problems, the team had to use some kind of “home-brewed” technology combined with expensive military grade communication methods to pull off the stunts successfully.

This should make it pretty clear to anyone reading this that we most probably will not be seeing this hit the market anywhere in the near future. It will of course be available to developers (only the once in the U.S. due to technical reason again) who will have to pre order it for $1500 and it will be delivered to them sometime early next year.

The glasses – a la Dragon Ball Z mono eye alien ware – (pardon me for that, could not resist) care capable of projecting information of varying kinds on the right eyepiece and also has a mounted camera for capturing videos and still images. Google could also make it compatible with specially designed apps. The possibilities are endless.

Just hope that the prices come down drastically by the time it is ready for production.

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