Google Gets Quickoffice Productivity Mobile App Maker

Google has once again been annexing new acquisitions to its company. Just a few days ago, it purchased Meebo, a web browser-based instant messaging and social networking platform, allegedly for the sum of $100,000,000. It has also acquired Kikscore, a web service that generates online trust ratings.

Now, Google has bought Quickoffice, a suite of office productivity apps. Quickoffice enables users to access, edit, create, save to the cloud, and share documents in the Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint format using mobile devices. It offers six different products that cater to various platforms. Quickoffice Pro HD works for the iPad and Android tablets with Honeycomb; Quickoffice Pro is for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Symbian^3, Symbian S60, and Android devices with Éclair, Froyo or Gingerbread installed; and Quickoffice Lite is for Symbian S60. Three products additionally provide a high definition view, including the ProSelect HD, ProSelect HD for Partners, and ProSelect HD for Enterprise.

The Quickoffice suite is expected to complement Google’s existing web-based mobile document app, Google Docs. Google Docs currently allow users to view and edit files online. Nevertheless, its features are still limited when compared to the features that Quickoffice apps carry.

Still, some speculate that Google’s move is a pre-emptive move against Microsoft. Microsoft is rumored to be preparing its office productivity suite, Microsoft Office, to iOS and Android-based tablets. Currently, the company is still the undisputed leader in office solutions.

With this new move, however, it seems that Google is bent on toppling Microsoft from its position. Already, 4,000 companies purportedly use the Google Apps suite, and Google remains aggressive in marketing its apps to government organizations, private businesses, and universities.

Meanwhile, the details of the negotiation between Google and Quickoffice have not been revealed to the public. In the past, Google’s acquisitions ranged in value from around $50,000 to as much as $12,000,000. To date, Google owns more than a hundred companies, including Picasa, Android, reCAPTCHA,, and Motorola Mobility.

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