Google Docs Gets Offline Mode

Day two of the Google I/O developer conference has already begun and has started on a pleasant note. Here is an interesting and extremely useful announcement that has come out of the conference on day two.

Google Docs Gets Offline Mode:

You read that correctly. Google has enabled offline mode. This means that now once you log into your Google Docs account, it does not matter if you lose net connection for whatever reason. Google Docs automatically switches to offline mode and all the changes that you make are saved offline so that you can continue to edit and add content to that document. Once the internet connection is back on, it displays a message informing you that all the changes made while in offline mode are being uploaded and you can continue to work like usual.
The offline functioning capability of Google Docs was displayed on the Chrome browser but it will no doubt work on any browser capable of supporting Google Docs.

The offline mode in Google Docs comes as a blessing to many, especially students who can depend on Google Docs with more confidence and not having to worry staying online all the while. The online mode will also come in handy for use in airplanes for travelers and business people.

Details regarding whether the new offline mode will work on a smartphone or not is not known yet. It would also be useful it Google decides to make available the cut, copy and paste functions from right-click menu.

Google Docs is a word processing online application by Google – service, which is used as an alternative to Microsoft Office. Google Docs allows the user to create, edit and share documents, presentation, spreadsheet, form, drawing, table (beta) and scripts. Files, of many different supported formats, can also be uploaded from a Mac or PC to be converted to other formats and shared via Google Docs.

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