Google Developers Live debuts along with Google IO 2012 app

Google organizes a lot of events, meets, live Hangouts, conferences, and the like all the time. If you are a Google fan, you would be just happy to participate them all. If not participate, you would for sure at least want to keep track of the events and follow as much as you can. You would want to watch the live video feed coming from the events, or follow a live blog, or something like that. But for that, you need to know when these events are held. And if you do not follow Google very closely, you will not be able to know the timings at all. If you are a developer who is working on Google’s platform, then this is of great importance to you.

Thankfully, Google now has a new tool to sort things out. The search giant has developed a new site which will show you all the events organized by Google, both past and future, in one place. These may be live Hangout, office hours, conferences, or anything else. You can just head over to Google Developers Live site to get a guide to the events. The website allows you to filter out events which you do not want on your list. For example, if you are developing an app for Chrome, you would not want to have Maps events on your lists. So the company has given the following filters: Ads, Android, Chrome, Cloud, IO, Google+, Maps.

You can even browse the calendar month wise. You can move from one month to another (again both past and present) using the large calendar at the bottom of the page. Google has its Google I/O 2012 event coming up. And if you are attending the event, you will able to keep track of all the events on your Android smart phone as well with the new Google I/O Android app, which is now available on the Play Store. Android Authority explains:

The Google I/O 2012 app is much more than a simple scheduling and agenda app. If you’re a fan of Google+, you’ll love the integration from this year’s app. You’ll be able to view the Google+ profiles of speakers, +1 sessions, and participate in public #io2012 conversations. If you want to re-watch a session or watch one you missed, you’ll be able to play back I/O sessions on Android 3.0+ devices. If you have a newer device running Android 4.0, you’ll be able to sync your I/O calendar and beam session details from one NFC enabled device to another.