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Google Chrome for iOS Hands On

After a long and excruciating wait, Google Chrome has finally arrived on App Store. The Android version had been launched a couple of months ago, which received universal acclaim. Following Google’s I/O keynote, Chrome was launched for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Chrome for iOS brings with it all the well known features such as cross device syncing, incognito browsing and omnibox.

Probably the best feature of the mobile Chrome is its ability to sync your data across various devices, using your Google account. You can access the open tabs of your desktop through your iPhone or iPad, and therefore continue your surfing on the go. It also syncs your bookmarks, omnibox data and passwords, all through your Google account. The user interface of the mobile version gives the same familiar feel of the desktop version, with the blank page showing most visited sites and recently closed tabs. You can access your bookmarks and open tabs on other devices via buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Performance of the browser is pretty impressive and switching between open tabs is a breeze. You can swipe across the screen right or left to switch tabs, or you can just tap the tabs button on the top right corner. The address bar doubles up as a search box too, just like the desktop version of Chrome. It should be noted that the browser uses the same engine as Safari, so the page loading performance is pretty much the same on both the browsers.

Since this is a very first version of the app, it has some issues and it crashes from time to time. When you restart the app after a crash, it asks you if you want to reload the tabs that were open before the crash, just like in the desktop version.

Overall, Chrome for iOS is a very good product and is a good alternative to Mobile Safari.

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