Google Alleged to Expand its Cloud Computing Service

Among the announcements that Google is expected to make at the Google I/O developers event is a new expanded cloud computing service. This will be an apt addition to Google’s present App Engine as well as the Google Cloud Storage and will comprise an Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS.

IaaS is one of the varieties of cloud computing, along with Platform as a Service or PaaS, and Software as a Service or SaaS. These pertain to three tiers of virtual resource usage. IaaS allow users to rent servers from the cloud service provider, PaaS lets them rent software along with the service, and Saas provides software, databases, and servers. Google’s App Engine is already a PaaS, but now they are attempting to add an IaaS that will be attempting to offer virtual servers and storage that enterprises can use.

To achieve its goal, Google is dealing with companies like Opscode and Rightscale, two third-party cloud computing services. Likewise, it is channeling its efforts in facilitating the creating, managing, and distribution of applications.

A few months ago, it had been speculated at Google and Microsoft had been preparing for cloud computing solutions that would go head-to-head with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2. Now, however, it seems that Google’s aim instead is to undermine Microsoft, which currently has a strong enterprise developer community. Meanwhile, it seems that Amazon likewise has its eyes on the lucrative corporate market.

Google perhaps already has an edge. The Mountain View company has ChromeOS and Google Drive, both of which could be attractive solutions when offered to the enterprise market. A possible scenario would be an instant connection to a corporate portal on the Chromebook. This portal could be handled by the enterprise’s IT team, and could be made to connect to an Android-based phone.

Google has kept mum about this alleged project, but could finally break its silence this coming June 27 to 29 during the I/O conference.

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