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Give Your Android Smartphone or Tablet a Sixth Sense with Sensordrone

Sensorcom has come up with the newest unique project for Android devices that users can use to monitor their environment and is small enough to fit in a keychain called the Sensodrone.  This is a small gadget that connects with the smartphone or tablet wireless (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) to read things such as carbon monoxide levels in the environment, detect gas leaks, check a baby’s body temperature, determine air quality and many others.

Kickstater already has applications that use the sensors in the gadget.  This compact accessory is made of plastic and metal and does not require any configuration, users just need to find the right application and the device will connect and work just as easily.  Good examples of the gadget’s capabilities are a capacitance sensor which also works as a liquid level monitor, a proximity monitor and a stud finder and a pressure sensor that also works as a blood pressure monitor and a barometer.

With this gadget, it is not all about the data collected.  It also helps users make decisions such as warnings on toxicity levels and advice on air quality levels.  The applications feature sharing options with advanced capabilities.  For instance, with the breathalyzer application, the application can automatically call or text a pre-assigned driver when the alcohol levels are high.  The data results can also be shared through Twitter, Facebook or Email.

Sensorcom had set a sales target of $25,000 from the gadget but they have already surpassed it by $10,000 with almost a month and half to spare.  Currently, the units are sold out but if you are eager to have one you can pre-order for October delivery for just $175. The sensors included would cost an estimate $900 if bought separately, therefore the $175 price is a steal.  Read more on this gadget and apps on their website.

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