Gajah Presents Kid-Friendly Android Tablet

The Singapore-based company Gajah has quite been known for a lot of  interesting tablets. Included therein is their latest touch screen eBook reader with 6-inch e-link display plus a 9.7 inches tablet operating in latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform. With these engaging software interfaces, it is not shocking then to hear rumored kid-friendly tablet developments.

The soon to be released tablet would be sporting a 7-inch display with the design specs based from their previous and existing MD7008 model. Gajah manages to show off an early prototype of this running on Android 4.0 with Gajah’s very own software.

What to expect from this Gajah kid friendly tablet is the underlying processor of a single core 1 GHz, a 512MB of RAM plus 32 GB of internal storage. But because the tablet is still under development, other specs are still unknown yet.

On the other hand, what makes it unique is the simplified user interface with colorful wallpapers, icons that are large enough to press in easily and of course parental control feature as well. It has a thick rugged case that encloses it and have a protective rubber bumper too.

However, there might be a specific children age level that will fit in for this device. Toddlers are perhaps more appropriate to use this one. The menu and setting might be too complex for very young children though. Or either ages beyond toddler on the other hand might create complaints of its inferiority to other high-end tablets.

Above all, Gajah Company is sure to score well with this under development kid friendly tablet. However, hearsays are spreading that the same company won’t probably offer it under their own brand name. They are at the moment scouting for partners for rebranding and for the design to be sold internationally. Just tune in and keep updated for more info until the tablet is finally done and ready to be on sale.