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FuzeBox Launches A Powerful Video Conferencing App For The iPhone

The latest big addition to the App Store is  FuzeBox’s Fuze join for iPhone, via which you can conduct video conferences. Many of you may be surprised to hear this, because FuzeBox is already supposed to have a similar App on the App Store. It was pulled out because the company thought that it wasn’t simply good enough. However, Jeff Cavins, the CEO feels that this App will be more useful to the users. There are certain new features which have been incorporated into the new application, the most crucial feature being video conferencing. You can conference and share your screen with up to four users at the same time. This, however, may come across as the only short coming of this app. In order to prevent the app from taxing the iPhone too much, only four users may be on conference at the same time.

However, the video streaming and screen sharing options make up for this short coming. The speed of transmission is very good and videos are streamed at 1080p resolution. The videos are perfectly in sync with each other and any change you make on your screen can be seen by the others as well. Not only that, there are options using which you can highlight a certain portion of a slide on your phone and it is automatically highlighted on the others’ screens as well.

This app is surely a promising new addition to Fuzebox’s arsenal of office solutions for iOS. Early reviews from major sources have praised the immaculate user interface and the powerful functionality of Fuze Join. The app is available free of cost on the App store.

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