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Fujitsu Arrows X: First Tegra 3-Powered, LTE-Connected Smartphone in Japan

Japanese information technology company Fujitsu announced Wednesday its desire to release Japan’s and the world’s first ever Nvidia Tegra 3-powered device which is also compatible with the ever-growing 4G LTE market. Fujitsu Arrows X will be a groundbreaking release for the company and it is obviously its flagship for this year.

There have been a few quad-core smartphones released in the 2nd quarter of 2012 but the manufacturers had to make a compromise if they wish to compete in the LTE market. It means that their devices would be given an LTE-capable dual-core processor just to showcase the lightning fast data download speed; the best examples are HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3.

In an article posted on Nvidia’s blog, it was stated that NTT Docomo would be the first operator in Japan to offer the powerful and fast device. The carrier’s Xi network has recently started offering 4G LTE connectivity to its subscribers and having Fujitsu Arrows X aboard would surely attract more customers, especially tech enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for powerful devices.

At the launch event, Nvidia’s Steve Furney-Howe highlighted the very features of Tegra 3 that make it the most powerful mobile processor today: great performance with ultra-low battery requirements. “At NVIDIA we don’t just deliver a fast chip, we are working with hardware and software partners to deliver amazing user experiences like TegraZone games,” he said.

The unique 4-PLUS-1 architecture found inside Tegra 3 enables the chip to use the cores needed for its operation; it shuts off other cores when not needed making the user experience superb still while economizing the use of battery. The fifth battery-saving core is an essential part of the SOC (system on chip) to deliver its promised ultra-low voltage consumption when idle.

The good thing when using Nvidia Tegra 3 processor is that the device can openly use graphics processor to provide display quality that could never be found in other devices. In the case of Fujitsu Arrows X, it is capable of giving console-quality gaming display which can be fed to bigger HD screens. Fujitsu’s own Katsumi Takada showed off what the device can do as far as gaming is concerned during the launch event.

While the full hardware specs of Arrows X haven’t been revealed yet, Fujitsu said it will sport 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, fingerpoint sensor, Felica, one-seg TV tuner and its own Human Centric Engine. The price hasn’t been revealed yet but the device will be made available in the summer.

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