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Free Expenses Management Apps for Android

If you are still relying on paper receipts and papers to keep track of your income and expenditures yet you have a powerful Android smartphone, then you are not making use of what you have.  It does not matter if you are a college student earning a few bucks a week wiping tablets or a Fortune 500 company executive maintaining a string of personal incomes and expenditures, you will find just the right application to make this easy, fast and very convenient.  Here are three top applications you should consider checking out, they may be just what you need to be in charge of your finances.


#3. Smart Receipts


Smart Receipts is developed by Will Baumann and is available at no charge on Google Play.  Although it may be considered as the underdog of other apps in the same category, it is an open source app that can come in handy when you need to keep records even when you are on the run.  With smart receipts, you can take pictures of the receipts you get to create and store digital copies.  You can also put together your expense reports and other records and later export them as CSV or PDF to your computer if need be.  When you need to send these documents, you can easily send them right from the app.  Other features of Smart receipts are support for multiple currencies and smart categorization based on days and time.  For just $1.99, you can get a full version without advertising.

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#2. Expensify

Expensify is another free expense management app linked to the developer’s website.  With Expensify, you get to sync your credit card and bank account details in real time and when there are receipts from different places, you can keep them all organized as eReceipts (digital copies).  You just need to scan the picture of the receipts and the application automatically extracts the merchant name, date, transaction amount indicated on the receipt and any other important detail.  This application also creates a report of expenditure and income in PDF format which can be downloaded or sent via email.  The app is developed by Expensify and is available for free at Google Play.

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#1: Lemon

The Lemon application lets you create an account with the developers where you can get an address.  If you are ever asked for an email address by a cashier for email receipts, you can give this and have the receipt added to the account and the application automatically.  This is a robust receipt management application that has a ton of features such as summary reports, tags, categories and exporting records and reports.

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