FourSquare updated its iOS app with new features

Four Square has been working on updating its app for some time now, and the update is now available for iOS users. With some changes to the user interface, the update also provides some new features. Let us take a look at the new features.

To begin with, the check in button has been made more easily accessible than before. The company has placed the button at the top right corner of the screen. This way, users can directly go to the check in button without having to check for it. The company thinks that providing an option to just check in to some place is not enough. It wants its users to be able to find and explore new places without having to depend on other third party apps. For this, there is the new Explore button.

The Explore button has been placed at the center of the bottom row of options. This button is also made easily accessible. When you tap on the Explore button, the app presents a map to you. This map shows you where your friends are currently checked in. And if your friends are suggesting some places, these places will also appear on the map for you to explore. So from now on, you will not have to open up another app to explore good places to have lunch. It’s all in one app.

The friends list has also been updated with a new user interface. When you tap on the Friends button at the left of the bottom row of options, the app brings up a timeline of all your friends’ activities. This one is a more refined approach of representing friends’ list when compared to the old one.

Last but not the least, is the profile button. This button will bring up your profile for you to edit, if you want to. This page also shows all your badges, photos, lists, and other options. The updated Four Square app is already present in the App Store. So update it today and enjoy exploring new places.