Flipboard To Lose Wired And The New Yorker As Content Partners

Only a couple of days after, Flipboard, the media and news aggregation app, made a major breakthrough by getting itself The New York Times as a content partner, it is set to lose two existing content providers. The popular American magazine publishers, Wired and The New Yorker have both cited issues with ad sales and have backed out partially.

Both Wired and The New Yorker will continue to allow Flipboard to display their headlines in the app, but a user clicking on them will be linked to the official websites of the magazines. Which means, these magazines will stop formatting their content for Flipboard. Also, ad sales to Flipboard will be stopped. These changes will take effect from the start of the next month.

So, why exactly have these two publishers taken the decision that they have? This is what Howard Mittman, Vice President and Publisher of Wired had to say about their decision. “If digital consumers want to interact with Wired, they can do so at and not through an intermediary”. But then, that is the whole point of having a social media and news aggregation application. Why would a user want many apps instead of a single unified one.
Both Wired and The New Yorker are a part of the publication house Condé Nast, despite which both the magazines have cited different reasons for their move. While Wired says that it took the decision due to poor ad performance. Meanwhile, The New Yorker’s says, for the Flipboard ads to sell, they need extra resources, which they do not want to spend.

The interesting part of the story, however, is this. Magazines such as Vanity Fair, Details, and Bon Apetit, which continue to provide their content for Flipboard, also belong to the same publishing house that Wired and The New Yorker belong to.

What do you make of that? Let us know your thought in the comment section.

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