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Firefox says something big is coming next week

The Android platform is growing like a mushroom on steroids and there are new developers and apps pouring into the Google Play Store every day. When such is the situation, it is difficult for developers who already have a good name to maintain their report. This includes big developers such as Mozilla. Mozilla has its Firefox browser for Android, and is one of the most used browsers on the platform, there is no doubt about it.

But if you ask me, it lacks something in it which is stopping it from becoming the “most used browser” from “one of the most used browsers.” Google has already released its most anticipated browser for Android, the Chrome browser. And though the Chrome browser is still in its beta stage for the Android platform, it is really good. It is faster than almost all the browsers available for the Android platform. It has been my default browser from the day it was pushed to the Play Store, even though it has some bugs in it.

Mozilla is working hard to beat Google in the browser war in the Android world with constant updates. And now, the company has said that it has something really BIG is coming our way in the next week. Incidentally, next week is the Google I/O week. So anything coming to your mind? Well, our guess is that Mozilla might unveil something really cool at the Google I/O event which would certainly make it very attractive to non-Firefox users.

The company has not said anything much about this. There was just a tweet from the official @Firefox account earlier today, which just said the following:

#Firefox for #Android. Something BIG is coming your way next week.

There was also a link in the tweet which led to an image, the one which you can see above in this post. So, as you can see, neither the tweet nor the image says much about the matter. So all that we can do now is to wait till next week.

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