FCC to Conduct Standards Review for Radition-Free Mobile Devices

The Federal Communications Commission of the U.S., otherwise known as the FCC, is set to review its standards for keeping people safe from radiation emitted by mobile devices.

The question of mobile phone radiation had been asked frequently in the past, but had slid out of focus in media as the mobile phone became more and more ubiquitous.

The FCC, however, is positive that the current standards are adequate. However, the review of standards is part of its routine. The last time this review happened was in 1996, which the agency based on the amount of heat that is released by handsets.

If the FCC changes its rules on the safe level of maximum radiation exposure, manufacturers of mobile phones would inevitably be affected. The FCC is particularly looking at mobile phone vendors from abroad, which comprises the majority of sellers in the country. At present, two of the top vendors of mobile devices come from abroad: Samsung Electronics Co. from South Korea currently holds the top spot according to most recent data, followed by Nokia Oyj from Finland. Meanwhile, the third largest is based right in the U.S.: Apple Inc. from Cupertino, California.

The FCC’s concern is mostly regarding suspicions that radio-frequency energy, when emitted near the brain, could potentially affect it as well as other bodily tissues. This position is held by the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. Nonetheless, it has not found evidence supporting that allegation that the same causes cancer.

That said, standards should be reviewed since there have been a lot of changes in the mobile industry since 1996. Phone technology, for one, is now very different, and figures indicate that people are using their mobile phones to call more, and at longer periods of time. The number of people using mobile phones in the U.S. has likewise gone up from only 44 million in 199 to 332 million last year.

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