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FCC leaks Verizon Galaxy S III LTE pics

None other than Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has let out a very good secret of one of the top four wireless carriers in the United States, Verizon. The FCC has leaked the images of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE. The Commission does some really hilarious and spectacular stuffs sometimes. Who would have expected that of all there is, the FCC would leak such a stuff. But coming to the matter of interest here, the latest smart phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S III is coming to all the major four wireless carriers in the United States. That is something good happening, but will we be seeing four different versions of the smart phone? That is something we still do not know about.

The image leaked here says that the model number of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III would be SCH-I535, where as that of the AT&T is SGH-I747M and T Mobile is SGH-T999V. Another leak recently shows that the T Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S III will not be modified to a great extent. The physical home button on the smart phone, as found on the international version of the Galaxy S III has been retained in the T Mobile version as well. But the pic leaked here does not show the front part of the smart phone, so knowing about the home button is not possible.

But the general customization that the US carriers low to get made on their Android smart phones is removing the physical home button and replacing it with a row of capacitive touch buttons. But I guess now that Samsung is the new king of Android smart phones, it will not be agreeing to such requests from any of the carriers now. It is good if all versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III remain the same without any customization, products are meant to be that way. What do you say?

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