Facebook unveiled a treasure of C++ goodies with Folly

If you are a Facebook developer, then you are going to love this new release for sure. Facebook has added another new package to its open source collection, and the new one is called the Folly. The Folly, though it sounds like water craft, brings in a load of C++ libraries which are sure to make any Facebook app developer’s life easier and cheesier. This is because Folly brings with it some really great libraries which are easier to work with and give faster results, that comes from one Facebooker himself.

The Folly, the C++ libraries bundle, was developed in house at Facebook labs for its engineers, so that they could have a better time coding and making significant progress. But then, the company seems to have decided to make it open source so that other third party Facebook developers could also make use of this and make their lives simpler.

Facebooker told VentureBeat last night in an email:

The development of [Folly] was fueled by the desire to create complementary utilities that allowed us to move fast and not reinvent any wheels. We worked to make this library as fast and easy-to-use as possible.

The Facebooker also said that the libraries will be of particular use for developers who maintain large scale distributed apps which face some performance issues. But he also said that the new libraries will of course be of use to small scale Facebook developers as well. He said:

Folly also contains state-of-the-art work-alikes for two common C++ standard library utilities (std::string and std::vector), which may be useful for anyone who does not have access or a license to a quality C++ standard library, or who might want to use those classes in an embedded setting where they are avoiding most of the rest of the standard library for code size reasons.

Are you a developer? Have you already got your hands dirty with this new library pack? What do you feel?

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