Facebook is releasing its App Center tonight

The rumored Facebook App Center is finally here. Yes, the url is now active and presents you with over 600 Facebook apps which you can start using right away. Having its own app center takes Facebook to a new level. Almost every online service or mobile service has an app store today. Apple has its App Store, Google has Play Store, BlackBerry has its BlackBerry World, Nokia has Ovi Store, and even Samsung has Samsung Apps. So why should Facebook be left out of the pack?

Well, tonight, the world’s favorite social networking site is making the app store public. There is a rumor that the company is making the App Center available to a certain group of users in the United States to begin with and then will be rolling it out to the global user base. But I don’t think there is anything like that as I don’t live in the US but still I am able to use the App Center already without any issues.

The Facebook App Center not only brings a lot of apps to its users, but it brings those apps in a fashion, the usual fashion. As soon as you open the page, you will see a list of apps, categorized as usual. The categories include Games, Music, News, Photos & Video, Facebook, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, Travel & Local, and Utilities. These are basically the same categories found in any other app store.

The App Center features a ‘Send to Mobile’ option. This option is available for all apps which can be used on smart phones as well. For example, Instagram has an app for both iPhone and Android. So if you want to use the app on your smart phone, you can click on the ‘Send to Phone’ button on the App Center and you will be able to use it on your phone with ease. If such apps require a download on your smart phone, the App Center will take you to either the App Store or the Play Store depending on which smart phone you are using. This is a pretty nice feature.


So, are you all set to use the new Facebook App Center? If so, get right into it.

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