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Evi makes radical changes following Siri’s overhaul at the WWDC’12

Evi has been Siri’s closest competitor since its launch in January of this year. Since then the app has stayed on Apple’s radar because it was very similar to Siri, or maybe, even better than Siri. There are in fact a few tricks that Evi can do and Siri cannot. Apple had threatened to pull the app off the App store back in February, citing the Terms and Conditions clause which forbids developers to create iOS apps which are “confusingly similar” to Apple apps. Apple eventually decided against it, and approved all subsequent updates to the app.

Evi continued to expand and now claims over one million downloads over Apple and Android app stores. Following this considerable success, folks at True Knowledge, the search engine behind Evi, have changed the company name to Evi, with their main website hosted at Another major change is the hiring of Barak Berkowitz from Wolfram Alpha as the CEO of the company. Berkowitz has accumulated vast experience from his stints in Apple, Advanced Technology and OmniSky. He is quite excited about the concept of a computerized personal assistant, and we hope he becomes successful in taking Evi to new heights. William Turnstall-Pedoe, who is the current CEO, will remain with the company as Chief Product Officer.

The Evi app for iPhone is available on the App Store for a cost of $0.99. The app receives regular updates, and now you can use it to make a call or send text messages. New features are expected to come soon for both iOS and Android versions, so stay tuned.

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