Evernote Hello Now Offers to Android

Evernote Hello is finally available for Android. This app, which makes it easy to remember the people one meets as well as the experiences one has with them, was launched six months ago. Since then, it has gotten a lot of praise from its users.

Evernote Hello is part of the Evernote group of software. Basically, this app facilitates remembering through note taking. A cloud-based suite, it has services for clipping images and text off a browser for storage, for remembering food, and for changing the web content into simpler format. It also has a handwriting and sketch app that makes it easy to get ideas across.

Evernote Hello is now downloadable off Google Play. The company has made various enhancements to the app, including an integration with the social media network LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, users can enter the email address of their acquaintance and remember an encounter with that person.

According to the company, Evernote Hello tries to imitate how the brain works when we meet people. Along with their names and faces, we remember experiences with them, including where we met and what activities we shared. It is a more up-to-date version of our trusty address book, which lists names and contact details but sometimes fails to make us remember where exactly we met that person.

In Evernote Hello, users may manually enter information about people, ask other people to enter their personal information, or direct the app to get the information from the address book. Evernote then adds an Encounter, which contains information about where the user met that person. This may include a map of the location, photos, and any other notes. It also creates links to other people whom the user met during that same time.

On its home screen, Evernote also creates a Mosaic, which contains a tiled view of people that the user had met. The Mosaic is arranged chronologically, and photos of the same person may appear many times if the user meets him or her repeatedly.

The Evernote Hello app is available for free.