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Dropbox will soon remove public folders from its services

Among the plethora of services offered by Dropbox, one of the most useful services was the Public Folders. However, Dropbox is planning to scrap the public folders. All accounts created after 31st July, 2012 will not have the option of creating Public Folders. Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston, along with Ivan Kirigin, the Product Manager, has been attempting to make the process of using Dropbox even simpler. This is because the “baffling” and “still really difficult” attempt to share information on the internet needs to move at a smoother pace. Since a method already exists by which users can share their files through Dropbox, the public folders had become redundant.

Public Folders could be used to share links with your colleagues or friends. All you have to do was copy the public link to an email and they would be able to view the files themselves. However this facility has been withdrawn. A “Get Link” option was made available earlier this year and can be considered to be an alternative to the Public Folders. For the benefit of developers who use the functionality of Dropbox while creating their apps, the company has advised them to completely avoid the use of public folders. They are recommended to switch over to the /shares API.

If you still want to use this service you must create a Dropbox account immediately. All those who already have an account will still be able to use public folders. So, create your Dropbox account before the 31st of July to use the Public Folders. Additionally, Dropbox just updated its iOS app so now you can upload photos and videos from your iPhone wirelessly to the cloud. There are also many other improvements, so check the release log before you update.

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