Dropbox update for Ice Cream Sandwich Users

Ice Cream Sandwich’s market distribution still stands at a meager 7.1%, months after its release. If you’re one of those few people who’ve managed to upgrade to Android 4.0, here’s a Dropbox update for you. Dropbox 2.1.4 brings two major updates, one of which is support for Korean language. For the first time ever, Dropbox users will be able to access the app in Hangul; a welcome addition for Dropbox users in Korea.

The other major addition to the app is the ability to stream videos saved in your Dropbox account. In the previous versions, any attempt to play the video would have led to a download prompt. Fortunately a lot of popular media formats are supported, such as .mkv, .mp4 and .m4v. Without support for multiple formats, this streaming feature wouldn’t have been of much use. Users who wish to download the file instead of watching it online can do so by selecting the “Export” option, and then “Save to SD”. The streaming feature is exclusively for Ice Cream Sandwich users, whereas the app update is available for all. For non ICS users, the update will only add Korean language support.

Services such as Dropbox have gained  a lot of popularity and importance of late. With the launch of a few HTC phones that don’t have expandable memory, users are becoming increasingly dependent on cloud storage. Also, fast internet services such as 4G LTE make it easier to get your files on and off the cloud. The only obvious limitation is the data usage cap, which might deter users from uploading and streaming videos from the cloud.