Dropbox for Android 4.0 now features video streaming

Dropbox has just been updated for the Android operating system. The app is one of the best known cloud storage services available for Android. The service has been around for some time now and there are millions of users already making use of the awesome features it offers. You can upload any kind of file to the cloud storage provided to you, and you can access that file from your tablet, your smart phone, your computer, and any other computer which is connected to the internet. This service really takes your files to a whole new level of availability.

There have been a lot of improvements in the past to the service. The company has been updating its mobile app constantly to bring in as many features as it can to the table. Also, the cloud storage giant has been partnering with a lot of smart phone manufacturers to provide some really cool offers. For example, Dropbox partnered with HTC to give all HTC smart phone buyers free 50 GB online storage. That is a very sweet deal. You may not know the importance of having such a huge space online for free, but if you start using it, you will realize it is very much needed.

But still, there was one little feature missing in the service. Actually, we came to know it was missing after the new feature was released just yesterday. You can upload any type of file to the cloud storage, including video files. So if you want to watch that video you uploaded, you will have to download that video first and then play it on your smart phone using some other third party app. But I guess Dropbox did not want its users to undergo so much of pain. So it updated its Android app and put in a video player with the app.

So now, you do not have to download the video to your Android smart phone or tablet, you can just stream it online using the new built in video player. The update is really awesome and you must try it out. If you have not yet updated the app, you can do it right now from the Google Play Store. So get going.