Dolphin Browser updated with new engine

Dolphin browser for Android and other popular mobile platforms is a very popular internet browser. With thousands of millions of users using it every day to browser internet on their smart phones, the browser needs to keep itself updated and needs to offer the best performance in the class. And the Dolphin browser does all this. Now, there is a new update to the app which just improves the experience of internet browsing with a new engine. And yes, this is a major update.

The developer claims that the new engine is 5 to 10 times faster than the stock internet browser on Android, and 100% faster than Chrome for Android, which is still in its beta stage. And if this is a true statement, then the browsing experience is going to be just awesome. The full press release below gives more details.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Jun 19 (Marketwire)

 Dolphin Browser, the most popular third-party browser on Android and iOSand the only Gesture and Voice enabled browser, today announced thelaunch of Dolphin Engine, behind-the-scenes technology that makes DolphinBrowser Beta the highest performing HTML5 browser available today.

 Dolphin Engine allows HTML5 rendering up to 5-10 times faster than thedefault browser on Android, and at times, 100 percent faster than Chrome.

 Dolphin Engine was tested on, the industry’s mostrecognized tool for testing a browser’s support of HTML5 functionality.

 Dolphin Beta Engine performs significantly better than other mobilebrowsers available today:

 Browser HTML5 Test Score

Dolphin Browser Beta 450+

Opera 369

Chrome Beta 364

Firefox 325

iOS 5.1 324

MeeGo/Harmattan 284

Android 4.0 273

BlackBerry OS 7 273

Bada 2.0 268

Nokia Belle FP 1 226

webOS 2.2 210

Android 2.3 189

Windows Phone 7.5 138

 “Dolphin is committed to building a browser that provides theabsolute best consumer experience for mobile Web browsing, Web apps andgaming,” said Yongzhi Yang, CEO of MoboTap, makers of Dolphin Browser.”We’re always looking for ways to tweak the browser to make it faster,easier and more fun to use. Dolphin Engine’s tremendously high scores area testament to the tireless work of our engineering team.

 “Dolphin was able to achieve this remarkable accomplishment throughextensive canvas improvements, with particular attention to canvaselement, 2D context and text. In addition, Dolphin Engine madesignificant GPU technology improvements around GPU accelerated canvasrendering and optimized CPU / GPU parallel computing.

 About MoboTap

MoboTap is a mobile technology developer that is committedto advancing the mobile revolution by improving the way peopleexperiences the mobile web through their smartphone devices. Founded andled by an international team of proven engineers and entrepreneurs andbacked by leading venture capitalist firm Sequoia Capital, MoboTap hasbegun this revolution with the launch of Dolphin Browser, a freeWeb-browser specifically optimized for mobile users.



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