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Do not believe in magic? Bump into Bump 3.3, an amazingly awesome Android app.

Believe in magic?

Well, if you don’t, here’s an app which would delude your perceptions and make you go, WOAH!

Bump 3.3 allows you to share and transfer data between two devices. You can share videos, photos or media with ease.
What’s new in that, right?

Well, Bump is not a new app in the Android marketplace. It has been around for more than 3 years and as mentioned before, allows users to transfer data at the tap of a button. However, version 3.3 breaks all barriers of conventionalism and introduces a killer feature. The newer version apparently allows you to bump photos from mobile to PC/mobile by simply tapping the spacebar on your Android smartphone. It’s that simple!

To initiate a PC-mobile connection, just install the app on your Android smartphone and select the photos you wish to eventually “bump” to your PC. Now open any browser in your PC and go (BUMP!). Confirm your choice by pressing the spacebar key with your phone and voila! You’re done!
To your sheer amazement, all those photos you just selected would appear in your browser window. You can view, download and even share them on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
If you wish to transfer media files between two smartphones, simply bump the spacebar key on both the phones at the same time to transfer unlimited photos, contacts and much more.

Want to know the secret behind this magic?

Well, as per a BUMP spokesperson, the developers have used a smart algorithm which uses GPS tracking and contact info to gain the location of your device. Secondly, when you bump the spacebar with your phone, it literally feels the bump using the phone’s inbuilt sensors. The information regarding the bump is then sent to the BUMP servers in an encrypted fashion, which in turn do a lot of data crunching and munching and finally bump your media files into your PC. The server essentially matches the location and the timing of the devices which felt the BUMP at the same time instant.
The previous version of BUMP was innovative but boring. However, the new version of BUMP with an absolutely great interface and a killer “BUMP” feature is an absolute stellar.
It’s available for FREE download on the Android marketplace.

So, have you bumped yet?

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