CPU Editor Mod Let’s You Control Your Phone’s Processor

We have all heard about applications, for Windows PC or even the Mac, which lets you tinker with your machine’s processor. Let you overclock it or underclock it. In fact, some manufacturers even provide their own software and processor overclocking kits for some specific chips. The scenario is not the same when it comes to your smartphones though. There are methods to Root or Jailbreak your devices to take control of the ROMs, but it’s a whole different matter when it comes to taking control of your phone’s processor. Mods and Apps that let you do the same are a rarity. But here is a rare application and a very effective one at that, developed by smoking1337 called the CPU Editor.

Smoking1337 is obviously a member of the xda-developers forum. The app was first posted on the forum a couple of months back but it has been perfected – well almost, only now. The best thing about the app is that it works for almost any Android device and any core configuration. Single core, dual or quad core, it does not matter. The mod for the Quad-core is however not fully tested and thus is still in beta stage.

“First off this works for ALL devices single/dual, and quad core !! So everyone can use it and please do…This is the beta version with quad core support. You can set each core individually and force each core individually !! I need some people to test it all out because I do not have a quad core phone. That’s why its beta for now. Please report bugs here or send me a pm with your device type and what bug you found. Also if it all works please post here so I know”, reads the description.

Here are some of the abilities that you get to control your processor. The ability to increase or decrease frequency, turn the second core ON or OFF permanently and change the individual settings of the processor cores. One of the more useful outcome that you can get from these mods when used properly is maximized battery life. The developer claims, his One X had 71 percent battery life remaining even after 19 hours.

This is a must have mod for every Android user who is fine with tinkering with his or her smartphone. Click here to download it   

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