Could Samsung Galaxy S3 Sell 10 Million Units by End of July?

It wasn’t just a rumor when Samsung reported that the pre-orders for Galaxy S3 ([easyazon-link asin=”B0080DJ6CM” locale=”us”]GS3[/easyazon-link]) reached more than 9 million units. The question that the company is trying to answer right now is whether or not its newest flagship could hit 10-million mark in sales by the end of July. GS3 achieved popularity like no other smartphones (aside from iPhone) ever achieved before so, it may not be a surprise if it breaks sales records.

The end of July marks  Galaxy S3’s 2nd month of existence and if it passes through the 10-million mark sales, it will become the fastest-selling Android smartphone in history. This reputation is what Samsung really needs to dominate in the Android market, get the recognition more than any other manufacturers received and become the fiercest rival to Apple’s iPhone

The Korean manufacturer, Samsung, has become so aggressive recently that it has managed to take away Nokia’s crown being the largest phone maker in the world by revenue, as reported by Australian news firms Big Pond. It is evident that it is up for fierce competitions against other manufacturers in the same market and threatens others from another.

The company seems anxious as early as now to reach the said mark but in the same way confident knowing Galaxy S3 is a breakthrough in today’s technology trend. The head of Samsung’s mobile communications division, JK Shin, said that GS3’s robust sales will definitely help their sales projection of the second quarter and while the model has gained so much popularity, the sales for the third quarter may also be greatly affected in a good way.

“We’re getting more positive reviews for Galaxy S3 than the previous Galaxy S1 and S2 since the release in Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia beginning May 29,” Shin said.

Positive reviews are common for GS3 and anyone could read about them on any online store. Even the renowned tech enthusiasts and Android lovers couldn’t resist not giving thumbs up for the handset. But the question is, could its reputation and popularity convertible to sales?

With over 9 million people pre-ordered and it’s still about to be released in other regions and countries, the possibility of going past the 10-million mark is bigger. Perhaps, one of the biggest help for the company to reach the quota is the Olympics 2012; Galaxy S3 is the official Olympics 2012 device. But could Samsung Galaxy S3 sell 10 million units by the end of July? We’ll find out soon.

[Reference: NBR]

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