Concerning Jelly Bean Upgrade For Samsung Galaxy S III

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With the latest Android operating system update announced, the only device that currently runs it is Google’s Nexus 7 running the stock version of Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google also announced that the other devices that are scheduled to receive the OS update are the Nexus, Nexus S and XOOM. Android 4.1 will also be shortly made public and it will not be long before every Android user would want to have his Android device upgraded. Google has, however, informed which current devices will be compatible or what are its minimum system requirements.

It is not just us commoners who are left in the blind. Even the leading Android OS running device maker Samsung it seems had no clue whether or not it’s latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III would qualify as Jelly Bean compatible. Here is what the verge reported in an article today.
“We’re told that Samsung was intent on designing the phone to be “future-proof” — it didn’t want to be left flat-footed in the wake of a new Android version announcement spaced just days apart from the Galaxy S III’s US launches, presumably. The problem was that company’s engineers weren’t “100 percent sure” of Jelly Bean’s final hardware requirements, so they upped the internal RAM to 2GB to hedge their bets.”

So Samsung upgraded some of the device with extra RAM to be on the safer side. Good to hear. But what about those devices which are already sold or those which did not get the upgrades. Will such Galaxy S III owners be left high and dry? I do not think they will face that situation.

Remember that Jelly Bean is Android version 4.1 and not 5.0. The Jelly Bean version of Android is developed more as an upgrade, despite the fact that these upgrades are major ones. Also, the devices, Nexus and Nexus S, which Google has officially announced, will get the Jelly Bean treatment, have much poorer hardware configuration than the Galaxy S III. In fact, the Nexus S has just 512 MB of RAM.

So, I believe that, if your phone or tab is capable of running Android version 4.0, it should have no problem running version 4.1 as well.

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