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CoinKeeper App Will Help You Stick to Your Budget

Frugal consumers on Android devices have a new ally in the form of the CoinKeeper app. This app helps users keep track of their expenses and assists them in sticking to a budget while bringing some fun to the process. Among other features, users get an interface that lets them drag and drop virtual coins from a financial source to a list of expenses.

Upon open the app for the first time, users are led to a screen that lets them specify what kind of budget they want to have. An automatic budget may be created by the app given one’s monthly income. On the other hand, a manual budget gives users the freedom to control how much money they are allotting for their various expenses. The automatic budget option draws up a budget for needs like food, bills, and groceries. However, for users who want to be able to prioritize some needs over others, they can enter the allocations manually.

Then, users specify where they keep their money via the Add Account feature. This can be a wallet or a bank account. Users indicate the name of that account as well as the currency they keep therein. With the account in place, users may now move coins from the monthly salary to the accounts. If they have other sources of income, these likewise need to be indicated in the Salary tab. For those who want to save up for something, they can use the Add Goal tab. To track expenses, the app furthermore provides a pie chart that collates all the data in a graphical form.

Developed by i-Free innovations, CoinKeeper is now available for download over at the Google Play Store. The app is free of charge, but only for a trial period of 15 days. Its minimum requirement in order to function is Android 2.2 or higher. i-Free innovations is the same team behind a range of apps like Grocery Mate, Everfriends, Shoptimus International, and Zombie Granny.

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