Chrome for Windows 8 Metro is Here

Last week, Google had promised a sneak peak of Chrome that would run on Window 8, the latest version of Windows operating system. Staying true to its word, Google recently shipped the browser (labeled 21.0.1171.0) to its Dev channel. Dev channel represents all features of a particular product in their most nascent stage. Dev is followed by beta channel, where Google tests its products and finally, stable channel which represents production-ready products.

After installing the dev version of Chrome metro, it will run in both desktop mode and tablet mode. Window 8’s x86/64 desktop mode is similar to Windows 7’s user interface. The tablet mode is touch-based Metro mode in which applications run on a full-screen or in split views.

As per Microsoft’s rules, all browsers for Windows 8 must be plug-in free. Chrome metro uses Adobe’s Flash player as a built-in plug-in, breaking the rule. Interestingly, Microsoft breaks its own rule too by using Flash as plug-in in Internet Explorer 10. Mozilla Firefox has already spoken out against Flash plug-in foul play on part of Microsoft.  Google Metro came later and will surely further Mozilla’s anger.

Google Chrome Metro breaks some other rules too. It has decided not to follow Microsoft’s regulations about the user interface, at least for now. Chrome Metro has ditched the standard Metro pp bar for an illegal, drop down menu.

If Microsoft decides to distribute browsers as a part of download bundle, Chrome metro may get away with the rule breaking. But if Microsoft decides to put browsers up for distribution through the Windows store, Chrome Metro may be shunned out of the fortune to be made off Window 8.

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