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Carphone Warehouse Bill Angel App Can Track Your Phone Usage

Carphone Warehouse has a new app called Bill Angel that helps users keep their mobile phone bills down by tracking their phone usage. Among the information it analyzes are call time, SMS, and data. By keeping track of this data, users reportedly will lessen the £4.8bn wasted voice calls, text messages, and data usage per year. Android users can take full advantage of the app while iOS users, strangely, will only be able to track data usage.

Carphone Warehouse claims that its service is fully impartial and only aims to help users prevent overspending. Moreover, this service is unique because it is the first instance of a retailer offering phone usage monitoring. Currently, Carphone Warehouse is the largest mobile retailer in the UK. Some smartphone manufacturers and wireless operators, however, have a similar service offering.

Carphone Warehouse has opted for a simple, fuss-free interface where users will input their allowance or plan. Then, the app will instantly start tracking the user’s activity on the phone. The app will give an alert once the user is nearing the limit. Another notification is sent when the limit has been attained. Bill Angel likewise provides a graphical representation to give users an idea of how many minutes, text messages, or how much data they are consuming every day, every week, or every month. This tracking system can furthermore be used to determine the wisest tariff for that user.

Bill Angel is available for free at the Google Play store. Those interested should have a minimum of Android 2.2 to enjoy the app. It has an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars at present. It is a relatively popular app, getting as many as 8,000 downloads when its beta version was launched last month. At this point, it is unknown whether the app will be a platform for a future service that will sell a product to help keep bills to a minimum.

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