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Brine Aids in Bringing iOS Apps to BlackBerry PlayBook

A new iOS Emulator called Brine enables users to enjoy iOS apps on the [easyazon-link asin=”B004UL34EY” locale=”us”]Blackberry Playbook[/easyazon-link]. This expands the options available to Blackerry users, who can run Android apps, as well, by means of a built-in Android App Player.

The device was created by a developer called Bubble Wrap, who provided videos showcasing the capabilities of the Brine app.

The iOS emulator fundamentally mimics the Apple environment, tricking the app to detect that it is running on an Apple device. Apart from the PlayBook tablet, this emulator is able to function on Windows-based devices, too.

To compensate for the size difference between an Apple device’s screen and the PlayBook, which has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, the Brine app puts black bars to fill the sides of the screen.

Before Blackberry users get too excited about downloading apps that are exclusive to iOS users, though, there are at least two things to consider regarding Brine.

One is that Apple would most likely frown upon this effort since it makes the company lose exclusivity over some apps. In other words, people who are using the Blackberry PlayBook who are also interested in Apple devices might forgo buying the latter since they can enjoy the same apps on the PlayBook. As with anything that tries to filch, even indirectly, a cent off Apple’s revenue, this iOS emulator will be struck down by Apple’s legal team no matter what it takes.

On the other hand, Blackberry will moreover likely prohibit the distribution so as not to earn Apple’s ire. Doing otherwise might make liable not only the app developer, but also the Canada-based company for consenting to the distribution of the illegal app.

If there is anything, however, that Bubble Wrap’s app offers us, it is the idea that Apple apps can indeed run on a Blackberry device. Perhaps Blackberry might strike a deal with Apple in the future that will enable the former to legitimately offer Apple apps on the PlayBook. Until then, however, Blackberry users can simply be patient.

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