Box Android App Updated With OneCloud Feature

The OneCloud functionality is a cloud based feature that the Box cloud service offers. OneCloud basically, is a feature which lets you manage all your files from a single place using different applications. Through the CloudOne functionality, Box lets you access your data stored in your Box account, on other applications and services. This functionality, till now was only available on the iOS version of the app and only now has Box made it available for Android.

The Box app for Android now works with 50 different apps from the Google Play store and gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do with your files stored in the Box account. A video player can now access a video file stored in your Box account or you can edit a document saved in the Box account using a document editor from the Google Play Store.

“Here is what OneCloud will let you do with your Box app.

  • Access, view, edit, share and manage files directly on your Android phone or tablet
  • Secure content with file-level encryption, passcode and auto logout when app is closed
  • Via Box OneCloud, open and edit Box files in other apps installed on your device
  • Save content directly to Box from more than 50+ compatible apps
  • Upload multiple images, videos and files from the SD card
  • Save files to your SD card for offline access
  • Easily share files and folders with links
  • Invite colleagues to shared folders and leave comments on files for them (note that you’ll need to grant permission for the app to access your contacts – we only use this permission to quickly retrieve email addresses when you want to invite collaborators, and we do NOT store any contact information on Box’s servers)
  • Find content fast with built-in search
  • Save files you edit or create in other Android apps to your Box account and access Box files from within other Android apps using the File Picker
  • Add a widget or shortcut to a file or folder on your home screen to see updates on files by colleagues

And additionally,

  • Box OneCloud: an ecosystem of partner applications that help you get things done, now ready for discovery and consumption when you open or create new files
  • Ability to choose a location on SD card for downloads
  • File cache and files saved for offline use are stored encrypted on the device by default
  • Arabic localization”

The Box app definitely makes cloud storage a whole lot cooler and useful.