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BlackMart- an Undisclosed Way of Downloading PAID Apps, Absolutely FREE

That sulky feeling when you see an amazing app on the PlayStore not available for FREE. Not that one or two odd bucks would make a difference, but there is a rather covert ecstasy in getting stuff for FREE.

How about getting paid apps for FREE?

No, we are not drunk, nor is Google shutting down. We know, there is no way of getting apps from the PlayStore without paying required the bucks. However, there is always a way around.

We hereby are going to unravel one app which would help you save a few bucks and avail all the elite apps in the PlayStore for free.

BlackMart Alpha, available for download here, can be your Holy Grail. Download and install as many apps you wish, without shelling a buck.

Install this amazingly useful app by tweaking your phone settings to allow third party apps. Here’s how you do it. Go to Setting->Security and check allowance of apps from unknown sources. Thereafter, copy the apk file from your PC to smartphone. Install and run the application.

All you have to do now is just enter the name of the paid app you wish to download in the search-box. The app would in turn provide you a list of apps which resemble your searched keyword. Select the app you wish to download. You can check the authenticity of the app by clicking on “Get to Market” at the bottom. This would direct you to the PlayStore address of the app. The app also provides price, ratings and description of the app you are downloading. Just click on the Install button at the bottom of the app to instate the downloading process.  Once you are done, you would need to click on the notification area to install the recently downloaded app. There is no autonomous installation of app unlike Google PlayStore.

You would find almost all paid Android apps on BlackMart for FREE.

Disclaimer: We do not intend discourage you from buying apps on PlayStore. In fact, you should totally buy apps if you really like them. It accredits the developers and motivates them in developing more refined products. An act of Kindness goes a long way, perhaps!

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