Be Trailed with “The Amazing Spider-Man” Preview for Upcoming Android Game

Gameloft teases Spider-Man fans with a new prologue trailer that previews its upcoming game and movie tie-in called “The Amazing Spider-Man”. The video introduces the basic premise of the game, which many know by now. It begins with cartoon images of Peter Parker, along with a voiceover narrating his life as a science whiz whose destiny was changed through contact with a spider in a lab. The encounter gave the young Parker powers. Parker used those powers to protect those who are weak, in memory of his grandfather who died after an encounter with lawless elements.

After this narration, Gameloft introduces some footage from the game itself, in which users take on the role of The Amazing Spider-Man and battle the bad guys. Judging from the video, the movements of Spider-Man and the other characters are smooth. The graphics, in full 3D, are likewise excellent, especially for mobile device standards. Fans who have played Amazing Spider-Man game on consoles will probably also see similarities between this version and that. The controls, however, are perhaps more difficult on this game given that most users will not have the convenience of a gamepad, although they could always attach one.

Those who have been following Gameloft will recall that the company had also released a Spider-Man game several years ago called Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. However, this app seems to be a full departure from that as everything from the graphics to the feel of the game is different.

The game will be available on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices starting June 28th, which will be several days before the movie premieres on July 3rd.

At present, there is no information about its pricing, but for die-hard Spider-Man and Marvel fans, this will surely be a must-have regardless of its cost. In any case, the movie ticker will likely be much more expensive than the app.

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