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Asus Unveils Republic of Gamers Tytan CG8890 Gaming PC

Asus just made tablets transforming into notebooks slightly old news with a new product offering. At Computex in Taipei, the Asian company recently unveiled a premium gaming computer called the Asus Republic of Gamers Tytan CG8890.

At first, the device looks like one of its earlier gaming laptops, which had a rather strange-looking chassis, even for a gaming device. However, this computer physically transforms itself, opening up on both sides, once the user hits an overclocking button. This button launches the device right into Turbo Gear without the need for rebooting the computer or doing any other adjustments. Once it is over-clocked, the device runs for speeds of 3.8 GHz, 4.0 GHz, and 4.2 GHz. Overclocking means increasing the speed of a computer component, such as a processor, beyond its original specifications. Gamers usually overclock to boost the performance of their computer in gaming.

The description sounds right out of a page of sci-fi literature, but Asus has proven that the same is possible today with the help of an eight-way aerodynamic thermal solution. This involves plenty of vents and ten side and rear fans and internal liquid cooling that help keep the temperature stable in Turbo Mode using, even if the player is in a very hot environment. These prevent the computer from overheating, which sometimes happens in heavy gaming sessions.

This powerful gaming computer runs on an Intel Core i7 3960X 3.3GHz 6-core processor, an Intel X79 chipset, and graphics by NVIDIA GTX 690. The latter can have 4 simultaneous displays, perfect for viewing the game in multiple screens. There is also 16 GB of DDR3 RAM running at 2133 MHz, and a SATA HDD storage of 2 TB at 7200rpm. It is also packed with two 128 GB SSDs at Raid 0, an Asus Xonar DX for high quality audio output, and a Blu-Ray Writer.

Asus has not revealed the price of the gaming device, but considering its specs as well as its impressive transforming mechanism, the Asus Republic of Gamers Tytan CG8890 is bound to carry a very expensive price tag.

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