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ASUS Nakasi Might be the Code Name for Alleged Nexus 7 Tablet?

Asus Nakasi is now believed to be the code name of the Google’s allegedly forthcoming 7-inch Nexus tablet. The rumor adds more fuel to the anticipation surrounding the device, which is expected to be a bestseller for both its decent specifications and its budget-friendly price tag. The device is widely thought to be a good match for last year’s popular Amazon Kindle Fire tablet which sold for only $199.

The rumor further leads one to recall the NVIDIA-powered concept tablet called Kai, which was advertised during CES last January. The device has a 7-inch screen and a $199 price tag. Both of these features coincide with the growing rumors about the specifications of the Google-branded mobile device.

NVIDIA had been promoting the Kai platform for some time, stating that it has the capability of pulling down the prices of Android tablets without sacrificing quality. Based on a Tegra 3 System on a Chip or SOC, tablets working on the Kai platform will be at par with pricey high-end Android-based devices that carry the exact same processor.

The platform was estimated to be launched later during the year, which fits the alleged schedule for the release of the Google tablet. NVIDIA, however, like Google, has preferred to keep silent on whether the two had been working together with Asus on an inexpensive tablet.

As of now, the list of supposed specifications for the Google tablet are the following: a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, pixel display resolution of 1280 x 800, a single front-facing camera, Android Jelly Bean, as well as the Google Chrome browser that had been optimized for the tablet.

Fortunately, the date of the Google I/O is coming nearer and nearer. The event, slated to take place on June 27 to 29 in San Francisco, is when Google will likely reveal the truth about the fabled device. This would finally put to an end to all this speculation and snooping around what the Mountain View company and its possible partners are cooking up for the public.

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