Asus Debuted Added Set of Affordable Ivy Bridge Notebook PCs

Asus has a new line of laptops for budget-conscious consumers. They are called the Asus X301, Asus X401, and Asus X501. Despite their relatively cheaper price, these laptops do not have outdated parts. Rather, they all carry the latest Ivy Bridge processor from Intel. The laptops provide users choices in screen size depending on their needs or preferences. The Asus X301 has a 13-inch display; the Asus X401 has a 14-inch display; and the Asus X501 has a 15-inch display.

Among the three, there is currently more information available on Asus X401. This laptop is 1.1 inch thick, which makes it thicker than many of the ultrabooks in the market today. For this thickness, however, it gives compensation with its price as it is relatively cheaper than many ultrabooks.

The device is expected to retail between $400 and $549, the latter being Asus’s suggested retail price. Apart from the Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3 processor, its specifications include a 320 GB or 750 GB hard disk drive, 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM, and a pixel display resolution of 1366 x 768. It will also have have Acer’s Instant On technology. Commonly found in devices with solid state disks installed, Acer Instant on enables the device to rouse from sleep mode in only two seconds, albeit it has only a hard disk drive.

Going back to the specifications, this laptop has a chiclet-style keyboard and a sensitive touchpad, but has no optical drive installed. Its chassis is made of plastic and not aluminum as with other ultrabooks. However, Acer has made the plastic scratch-resistant and quite sturdy. It has the standard set of ports and connectors, including 2 USB ports, VGA output, and HDMI output. There is also a multi-card reader for SD and SDHC cards.

Meanwhile, the Asus X301 will likely have many of the features of the Asus X401. This laptop sports a 500 GB hard drive and a screen resolution of 1366 x 768.

All three models are entry-level devices from Asus. They are expected to be launched around the end of August or in September this year.