ASUS Brings In ROG G74VW Gaming Notebook PC

Asus is continually taking a step higher in mobile market through gearing up for more advanced gaming devices. The ROG G74VW notebook PC from Asus is a new offering made by the company as a product of their aspiration that has turned out to be their first laptop yielding the fifth-generation wireless technology known as 802. 11ac. With the higher-end wireless technology used however, the rest of its hardware specs are as well expected to be at the same level; just perfect for mobile gaming experience.

Even there’s a tougher rivalry among the known PC makers, Asus has aimed to withstand the battle through its strong and innovative foundation. The company then offers a good way to start taking the lead for alternatives in mobile gaming including the use of tablet and notebook PCs aside from the traditional gaming consoles.

Digging into the mainstream, Asus ROG G74VW notebook PC runs under Intel Third-Generation quad-core Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor. Asus opted to use NVIDIA GeForce GPU to really get the best of gaming experience. A 16GB RAM on the other hand is onboard for enough memory space.

This gaming device will also be sporting a dual RAID 0/1 hard drives for high-speed read or write capability since video games can be tough bear for the system requiring high caching. But aside from the power such device terribly needs is a built-in dual fan cooling system to counteract overheating once too much of it is already being used. The rest of its features are all aimed for a more remarkable gaming experience like RT-AC66U router that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for faster and more stable data transmissions. Nonetheless, its very main attraction is the 802. 11ac contributing to being a powerful portable PC.

The price and the date of release however, are not yet available at the moment.