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ASUS Bringing Dual Boot (Android-Windows OS) Tablet?

Asus is proposing a solution for those who cannot make their minds up on whether they should get an Android or a Windows 8-based tablet PC. In a 16-second teaser video called “All-in-One is No Longer In One,” the Taiwanese company shows two droplets of water on which the logos of Windows and Android are seen.

This strongly hints at a dual-booting PC on which users may select to run the Android or Windows operating system, which spells a win-win situation for many who both see merits in using Android and Windows.

The teaser is part of the company’s preparation for Computex 2012, the annual computer expo in Taipei, Taiwan to be held from June 5 to 9.

Another teaser, entitled “When Two Sides Unite” further supports the idea of a dual-booting tablet PC. This video displays the words “Tai” and “Chi,” one set in black text against white paper, and the other, on white text in black paper. The sheets are spun, and the spinning creates an illusion that they are not separate, but form only part of one phrase: Tai Chi. In the Asus video, the merging of the two words into that one phrase could insinuate the unity of two rival operating systems in a single device.

Along with these two videos, Asus has also unleashed one called “The Incredible Transformations.” This video which is a little longer at 43 seconds, hints at a transforming tablet, with the words “Don’t get set into one form. Adapt it and build your own.” This device is possibly similar to the popular Asus Transformer Prime, a hybrid tablet PC that comes with a keyboard. There is also a suggestion in the video that the device will have cloud-based services. This device is also speculated to run Android 5.0 Jellybean.

Those who would be attending Computex would be lucky to see what Asus has to offer. The rest of the consumers, however, will have to wait until these products finally hit the stores. The dual-booting tablet PC, for one, will not be available until around Christmas this year, since Windows 8 will not been released until later this year.

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