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Archos 80 and 101 G9 Tablets to Receive Update from Archos

The Archos 80 and 101 G9 tablets will soon receive an update from Archos. This update takes care of issues in the hard drive, display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and sound. The update has a file size of 186.3 MB and has been designated as Version 4.0.7. Prior to this, the most recent update rolled out by Archos was Version 4.0.6 last May 3. Version 4.0.7 is the thirteenth update to be pushed out by Archos.

Update Version 4.0.7 repairs a chronic problem with the Wi-Fi connectivity that has been plaguing users since version 4.0.5, in particular, one that lets the devices disconnect on some access points. A hard drive fix that prevents users from losing data on their hard drive when they are using 3G connectivity via a USB port is also included. Users getting no sound when using engaged in applications like Skype will no longer have this problem thanks to the update. Lastly, performance improvements with regard to the display have been integrated.

Archos recommends setting a system restore point before the installation of the update. This assures that they can go back to previous settings if the wrong driver is installed. The same likewise prevents problems caused by old hardware devices or those for which the driver no longer carries support. As always, frequent checking of the Archos website is suggested for updates like these.

These Archos tablets both run on ARM Cortex A9 CPUs as well as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The Archos 80 sports an 8-inch display while the Archos 101 has one that measures 10.1 inches.

Archos users are lucky since these updates arrive frequently from the manufacturer. Though some of them may be minor, they users some reassurance that the company genuinely concerned about their satisfaction with their products and are looking into feedback they receive. Previous updates from Archos have addressed concerns regarding GPS stability, platform rebooting, touchscreen functions, card detection, system notifications, video conferencing, and audio video synchronization.

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