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Apple’s iOS Organize App As Your Virtual Pocket

Apple is introducing a new native iOS app called the Organizer. This app sets itself apart from other organizer apps available today that simply store a person’s appointments and contacts, Organize claims to be a virtual pocket. It reproduces the important things that a person carries around such as personal information, credit card information, travel information, and even coupons.

The description makes it sound like the iWallet, an mobile payment service for which Apple had secured a patent a few months ago. The iWallet allows users to charge money right off their iTunes account, eliminating the need for credit cards or cash in stores. Google has a similar service called Google Wallet, which has not been very successful because of some security issues. However, unlike Google, Apple does not rely on Near Field Technology or NFC, which the iPhone does not carry, and instead on their patented technology. It is speculated that Apple might use Bluetooth technology instead, which is present on all Apple devices, so that it will not require users to have an NFC chip to enjoy the service. All they would have to do is to download the new Organize app to get started.

Apple envisions that this technology will change the way shopping is done. This aspiration is perhaps similar to what already happens in Apple stores, where no cash registers may be found. In its place, sales persons use their iPhone during the entire transaction. Apple’s new iWallet and Organize app may further urge the use of this system to facilitate selling. Perhaps, as Apple hopes, store owners may soon swap their cash registers with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Along with the Organizer, there are also some speculations surrounding a second native iOS app. Some believe that it will be a 3D map that will make navigation easy, similar to Google Maps. Other, however, simply prefer to wait until Apple gives the announcement.

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