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Apple’s iOS 6 Gives New Maps App

Remember the days when you were on a road trip, you have a couple of backseat drivers barking different directions at you. Or that time when you had your sister as your navigator, she would tell you turn right at the next corner when in fact she actually meant to say left. With iOS 6 coming out with Map Solutions, those nightmares are over.

The iOS 6 claims to be better, but they’ve highlighted a handful features including the Maps application. Coming this fall, as Apple says on their site, it will take your iPhone, iPad, and iPod in entirely new directions.

Apple took a huge step over Google Maps, as the Maps application gives you turn-by-turn spoken directions, interactive 3D views, and the stunning Flyover feature. Apple perhaps uses the same kind of technique from Google: by having their airplanes capture aerial images and algorithms to turn them into 3D maps. Yet, Apple does not admit doing so.

The iOS 6 is, safe to say, an upgrade with applications for more mobility. The Maps app has spoken turn-by-turn directions, your ETA will be based on real-time traffic information and when there is an accident or a traffic jam along your route, you will get the option to switch to a faster route instead. As you approach a turn, Maps will speak direction way ahead, so you can keep your eye on the road. Camera angles on the other hand, change to show you where to go while large arrows and signs are superimposed over the images. Hence, a smart idea indeed.

With Maps, it shows you real time traffic and computes your ETA. It can even give you the cause of traffic, whether it’s an incident or just a temporary slow down. It can even give you alternate routes to take though.

With a few taps, Maps can take you to local search destinations; as well as it includes their information such as phone number, address, ratings and review. Apple sure gave Google a run for their money, but to most, they just took what Google had and just added a few improvements.

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