Apple to bring swappable camera lens on iPhone

Currently, there are iPhone lens available on the market that can provide DSLR like quality photos on your phone, such as the [easyazon-link asin=”B005JTDFOA” locale=”us”]Olloclip[/easyazon-link].  But looks like Apple is looking to make that into a standard functionality on its newer models.  A new leak from the United States patent office shows that the company is working on making the camera on the iPhone a lot better with either swappable camera lens, or having two cameras on the back, as you can see from the image.

Well, this does not come as a surprise. The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S have really great cameras. You might have read reports that on some photo sharing apps, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S are the most popular camera phones, and also the most used.  When such is the case, there is no wonder the company wants to make it better.

Professional photographers are attracted to DSLRs only because they have the capability to change lens. And if Apple brings that feature in the iPhone, why would people want to have a separate camera for that? Right? Well, it may not be that easy as well. Anyway, iPhone Hacks explains:

The removable back panel would house the lens as well as the IR filter. An IR filter prevents infrared light from entering the camera lens, avoiding any possible distortion that could result from it. Although the IR spectrum doesn’t fall into the visible region of light, it could be used in a variety of applications an example of which is low light black and white photography. Since the filter is in the removable panel, it could be removed to enable low light photography.

The standard lens could be replaced by one that has a very low focal length, enabling extreme close up photography, or by a variable focal length lens that would bring optical zoom capabilities to the camera.

Are you clear about the working now? We just have to wait to see this materialize for real.